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The winterhardy and sensational coloured novelty from New Zealand

Magnolia 'Genie'

Availability 'Spring 2016'

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Magnolia 'Genie' has won the 'Best Novelty Award 2011' in the category 'trees & shrubs' at the IPM Essen, the largest plant fair worldwide. Our congratulations to the breeder, Mr. Vance Hooper.

View a photo of the original 2011 exhibition plant at the Essen fair! 



Magnolia 'Genie' represents the result of 15 years of breeding and selection in a line of Magnolia xsoulangiana and Magnolia liliiflora 'Nigra'.

Vance Hooper of Brixton, New Zealand, certainly one of the most ambitious and creative magnolia breeders of our times, opens new visions to crown our early springtime-garden with uniquely powerful and brilliant colours of his outstanding new magnolia hybrid 'Genie'.

'Genie' will not only convince you of 'her' flowering qualities but will also bring some news of importance for the real 'magnolia beginner':

'She' is easy to cultivate in your homegarden, very winterhardy (recommended to zone 6a) and starts flowering as a very young plant !

To overwiew all characteristics of Magnolia 'Genie' as a first-class garden plant, please click here .




 The high proportion of liliiflora genes guarantees a very stable, dark 'red' colour also for the  second flowering periode in late summer. The photo shows a young 'Genie' flowering in August 2014 here in the

Rhein-Main-Area (Germany).


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